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Vanshree is a garden restaurant with an eco-friendly ambiance. Noted for fusion food and Gujarati traditional dining one can watch live cooking while waiting for the platter. Aloo candy chat, cheese chat canapé, Dahi dal waffle chat, idhar udhar ke Patto ki chat, is some of the signature fusion street food. The Gujarati dining has high of Tameta ni Raab, Khichu  Kebab, Muthiya, Patra, Rasawala Bataka, Rigan nu bhartu, sev tamatar shak, Bjara rotla, Vagharelo rotlo, Nariyal Kotmir Tikki,  Singoda fans no toran and many more Desserts include Kesar jalebi, Kesar elaichi boondi Jamun and chocolate platter. Wood-fired bruschetta and pizzas are global cuisines that have local improvisation in the form of unusual toppings of pickled pepper, pineapple pesto.

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