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Lean Life Cafe

Lean Life Cafe

Café Lean Life is a health and fitness focused café @Keval Rini`s fitness studio Gandhinagar. Healthy food café concept is by Keval Rini for Gym food.

The cafe`s founder Rudrapalsinh Chauhan, is a IIHM graduate. He has worked in some of the most famous hotel in the world. His travel and love of food has inspired Café Lean Life Café.

The café is situated in one of the most developing area in Gandhinagar.

Roasted Chicken with Vegetables
                                                              Roasted Chicken with Vegetables

Café Lean Life offers comfortable environment and healthy option for every member your family. It serves freshly prepared food using garden-fresh ingredients that are full of flavor while keeping in good shape.

The menu is constantly evolving and offers option for people who are healthy conscious. It is a fast paced place which is led by nutrition and wellness.

The products are locally sourced with your healthy in our mind. Some of the nutritious platters include High fiber Chana Chaat, Salmon fish, Toufulicious wrap, Greek Salad, and many more

Our food prepared daily changes seasonally and we have free delivery!!

Free of refined sugar and additives!

Make your next meet up healthy and happy!

Live Better. Live Healthy. Only at Café Lean Life.

Café Lean Life
Second floor, Above Kaval Rini`s Fitness studio
Rajdhani complex, Behind Pramukh Arcade
Near Reliance Cross roads,
Kudasan, Gandhinagar

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