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At Iscon thaal – the great Gujarati restaurant, we understand that every family needs a quality time well spent whether dining in or celebrating a special occasion. We provide unparallel quality of food, flavor and personal services to all our guests under one roof as they also enjoy our unique spirit of genuine hospitality, in its true sense. We provide a delightful Gujarati thali dining experience.  We have also received an award from the great chef Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor. 

Iscon Thal a one-stop destination for Gujarati Thali in Ahmedabad has introduced a unique takeaway food pack that ends your Gujarati food craving anywhere you desire. This pack is specially crafted by experts and the box maintains the freshness of the food and it is very handy to carry. We use a plastic container instead of polythene bags for packing vegetables, sweets, dal-rice, and Farsan.  Chutney is also packed in seal-pack plastic bowls.

Ordinary food parcels spoil your excitement when items inside the parcel mix-match internally but we promise that Iscon Thal’s uniquely designed family food pack gives you peace of mind by delivering the items the same as they have been packed.  This food pack can be enjoyed anywhere not only at home because we provide disposable dishes, bowls, and spoon inside the box.  You can enjoy the appetizing Gujarati foods at your office, Garden or even in the car while travelling!  We deliver this family food pack at your doorstep at no delivery charge. You can also collect it from our Restaurant located near Iscon Cross Road, Ahmedabad.

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