Indian vegetarian Recipes

Sindhi Saibhaji


1 each – carrot, capsicum, onion, small cabbage, potato, brinjal, tomato, ladyfinger (okra)

100 gms. French beans

1/2 bunch each spinach, coriander, khatta (3 leaved) greens.

1/2 bunch any other leafy greens.

1 cup green gram dal

1/2 cup horse gram dal (channa dal)

4-5 green chilies

2-3 corvettes garlic

1 tsp. red chili powder

1 tsp. dhania (coriander seed) powder

1 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. turmeric

3 tbsp. oil

1/2 tbsp. ghee

2 pinches asafetida


  1. Clean and wash dals.
  2. Clean, wash and chop spinach and vegetables except tomato.
  3. Heat oil in a pressure cooker; add all the vegetables, spinach and dals.
  4. Mix well; add enough water to cover the contents.
  5. Add all masalas and mix.
  6. Place whole tomato on top, cover and pressure-cook for 3 whistles.
  7. Cool the cooker, open and hand blends the contents.
  8. Heat 1/2 tbsp. ghee add a pinch of asafetida add to the mashed vegetable.
  9. Serve hot with paratha or steamed rice

Making time: 30 minutes (excluding cooling time)

Makes for: 6

Shelf life: Best fresh

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