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Black Rice Chavan with Chickpeas Aqua F aba


Black rice 150 Gms

Curd 50 Gms

Urad dal 50 Gms

Chickpeas 100

Tahini 10 Gms

Garlic 30 Gms

Lemon Juice 10ml

Cherry Tomatoes 50 Gms

Balsamic Vinegar 20ml

Tamarind pulp 20 ml

Shallots 80 Gms

Tomatoes 100 Gms

Red Bell pepper 50 Gms

Cumin Seeds 10 Gms

Red Chilies Whole 10 Gms Mustard Micro Greens 10 Gms

Salt to taste

Sugar to taste

Method of Preparation

Pre Preparations:

  1. Soak the Mustard seeds overnight and put them for sprouting, either in the sol or on the wet cotton in humid condition for three days eventually making microgreens out of it 2. Soak the Black rice and Urad dal overnight. 3. Again soak the chickpeas for 8 to 10 hours and boil it don’t throw the water in which the beans are boiled 4. Mix the chickpeas, some boiled beans water, tahini, salt, cumin powder and make a smooth paste out of it add some lemon juice for tangy taste at the end. 5. Smoothly blend the soaked rice and dal and make a coarse paste out of it and add curd in it for further fermentation and leave it at room temperature for 4 to 5 hours

Chutney: 1 Roast the tomatoes and bell pepper together de skin and de-seed it. 2. Take a pan broil some cumin seeds and whole red chilly till you get the roasted aroma of the spices 3. Take a blender and blend together the roasted tomatoes, bell pepper, cumin and red chilly into a smooth chutney consistency adjust the seasonings as desired

Dressing: 1. Take a saucepan and add balsamic vinegar, tamarind pulp will turn thick put it off the flame and strain it with a very fine strainer leaving a smooth dressing

Cooking: 1. Take a nonstick pan and put the rice mixture like an uttapam and make a pancake out of it 2. Take the shallots, cherry tomatoes and boiled whole chickpeas in a pan and cook it in the dressing till the dressing coats the ingredients properly and keep it aside

Serve the Rice Pancakes (Ghavan) with chutney and dressed shallots, chickpeas and cherry tomatoes and garnish it with microgreens

Health Benefits. The dish is completely fat free as there is no use of oil and butter. And can be served as healthy option in breakfast as well as in the mid-day meal

By Chef Aditya Gunther

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I am Anju, an optimistic person, foodepreneur who loves cooking, traveling and gardening. I love to experiment in the kitchen.

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